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Tenders & Notices
Award of Tender/Contract in Metro Railway since 01.01.04 Previous Year/Year 2013
Tender Number & Description
ELECT / M / 403/ACP/KCWC-KMDI/R - Operation & Maintenance and Annual Over hauling of Air conditioning Plants at KCWC, KESP, KPKS & KMDI stations of Metro Railway, Kolkata..........more
Metro/T-Coml./AD-CP/Beautification/KMUK/2013 - Installation, maintenance & display of backlit display boards (unipole with maximum height of 10 feet from ground level) within the garden(4 nos.) premises only at Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Railway station along with beautification & maintenance of the garden in the circulating areas of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Railway station.
Metro/T-Coml./AD-CP/Baggage Scanner/21 Stns./2013 - Installation, maintenance & display of advertisement on the top surface of Baggage Scanners (21 nos.) with Polymer Boards installed at twenty one (21) Metro Railway stations (Dum Dum,Shyambazar – Girish Park , Central – Kavi Subhash, except Belgachia & Mahatma Gandhi Road ).
MR/POH/74/87 - Re-insulation, Repair of the Stator, Re-winding of armature and overhauling of 72 nos. of NGEF make Traction Motor.
Civil/2068/2013 - “Complete renewal of points & X-ings 1 in 8½, 90R/52 Kg by 60 Kg points & X-ing 1 in 8 ½ fan shaped including intermediate portion of track on PSC Layout (Fan shaped) at Noapara and Tollygunge Yard of Metro Railway, Kolkata.''.


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